Tracking Platform


How to use Unitraka to track items

A. Unitrka Start-up Procedure

  • Download our Unitraka App via Google Play or App Store to your smart device
  • Follow the instruction to install the App, create user account and password
  • Follow the instruction to turn on bluetooth and location on your smart device
  • Turn on Unitraka and follow instruction in the App to perform bluetooth pairing
  • When they are paired, you are all set to go!
  • Now, you can place Unitraka with anything you want to track such as car, bike, bags, etc

B. How to use Unitraka to track your items

  • Place Unitraka with the item you want to track, eg in kids back pack on a field trip day
  • Make sure Unitraka is turned on at all times
  • Run Unitraka App on your smart device or login in our web tracking platform
  • Tracker list under your account will be displayed
  • Tap the tracker on the list to initiate a tracking request
  • You can choose difference tracking options to know where the tracker is

C. Tracking Credit Model

Unitraka is designed to truly fulfill what customer really wants! Nobody wants additional monthly fee. Our motto is “PAY WHEN YOU USE” don’t use don’t pay

Unitraka is TRULY:




All tracking options are charged by 'Lookup credit' which can be purchased (i.e. topup) via App or on web platform

Every new Unitraka comes with 10 pre-loaded lookup credit. You will see the 10 credits under your account as soon as the start-up product is finished

D. How credits work

Pre-loaded credits in the user account is required to perform GPS tracking. Here are the options to add credits to your account:
  • US$15 will add 60 credits to your account [Average credit price: $0.25]
  • US$20 will add 84 credits to your account [Average credit price: $0.24]
  • US$30 will add 150 credits to your account [Average credit price: $0.20]

Lookup credits can be purchased via App or on our web tracking platform

E. How to use your credit and tracking options

Tracking Options

A. On-demand Locating
  • Bluetooth
  • On-demand location update
  • Turn on motion alert
Cost of operation

1 credit
2 credits

B. Continuous Tracking:

  • 1 minute tracking for 1 day
  • 1 minute tracking for 3 days
  • 1 minute tracking for 7 days
  • 30 second tracking for 1 days
  • Emergency short bursts 10 second tracking
  • for 48 hours

4 credits
10 credits
15 credits
6 credits
20 credits


For 1 credit only, you can set your tracker at
various tracking intervals 2/5/10/30min/1hr for a
duration of your choice 1/7/14days

Download tracking history from the tracker
via Bluetooth

Obtain tracking history data out of Bluetooth range per request.

1 credit


3 credits

Note: When continuous tracking expires, Unitraka will return to the default on-demand standby mode, waiting for user to initiate a new tracking request. The standby state of the tracker will not cost any credit, and you never need to worry about next month's subscription fee when you don't use it. All unused credits stay in your account

F. Unitraka Remote NFC tag update

Unitraka GPS device comes with a unique feature - NFC tag - which you can provide and display information to whoever comes close to the tracker

  • Scenario 1: Dementia patient carrying a Unitraka

Anyone found the patient can do an NFC scan, all contact details can be displayed on the phone. Problem Solved!

  • Scenario 2: Precious musical instrument carrying a Unitraka

Anyone can do NFC scan, all details of the instrument such as its history and owner details can be displayed.

NFC tag details can be re-written via our tracking App and web platform. It will only cost 2 credits each time